Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In the honor of introductions...

I'm no good at introducing myself.
If we were to meet I would say “hello,” tell you my name and that I was a massage therapist, maybe. Then, I would ask about you. Talking about myself or writing about myself is weird to me. Whenever I was asked to give summaries to companies I worked for to put on their websites I would struggle, feeling the push of stress building in my chest. I'm not sure why; I've been pondering it for awhile.
It's not like I'm not proud of who I am, or aware of who I am, Every time I wrote about myself though, it just seemed fake and mostly silly.
My first blog- a Tumblr I started in 2010 read something like this-

Hi! I'm Lillie! I love my cat, and reading, and nerdy things!

If you were to meet me it would quickly become apparent that there were no exclamation points in my voice probably ever. In my next blog, created early 2012 went thus:

Avid Reader
Comic Lover
Massage Therapist
Wonderfully Married

Concise, and closer to my actual voice, though I don't really talk in bullet points. It's missing eloquence, however. My first blog I created as a hobby to have after a really bad break up, the second as a hobby to get me through an extremely depressive period of unemployment. This time I'm starting a blog as a hobby...because I can. I like having a public platform to share my voice and the things I find important and enjoy. So, in honoring the tradition of introductions-

Hello, I'm Lillian. I live in Southern Indiana with one husband and two cats. I believe in the Grace of God. Literally Literary is my way to ramble about my opinion to the whole of the internet.

It's nice to meet you, too.

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